It's Akin to a Billing Cheat Sheet

It's Akin to a Billing Cheat Sheet

As clients enroll in more and more benefits plans, premium bill administration can become overwhelming.

What if you had a powerful solution to automate tedious manual billing tasks?

Using the AdminaHealth Billing Suite is akin to having a billing cheat sheet. Clients who use it for premium reconciliation, bill consolidation, and payments see the hours they spend each month on administration drastically shrink.

One recent client was able to reduce the time spent reconciling and putting together reports from three weeks to a matter of days!

“The billing suite saves my team around 30 hours of work each week and catches discrepancies that can easily be missed by a manual process.”

- 2023 Customer Satisfaction Survey response

The Billing Suite can be implemented at any time of the plan year but is particularly valuable at the start to verify plan participants are enrolled in the right plans, at the right rates, with the correct amounts coming from their paychecks.  


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